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The Horngacher concert harp-making looks back to an experience and professional tradition of more than 70 years. The workshop, founded in 1928 by Joseph Obermayer and transferred to Maximilian Horngacher in 1966, is still run as a family enterprise. Many years of experience in making concert harps and constant technical development make each Horngacher harp a mature instrument of world-wide known quality. With enormous technical know-how and carefulness the Horngacher harp is handmade out of selected materials in more than 900 working hours. Only this high quality leads to the unmistakable sound. Famous soloists and orchestras have always been satisfied customers. The consideration of individual wishes concerning optical shaping as well as technical specialities and an extensive offer of accessories belong to the service, including also professional repair of Horngacher and Obermayer harps.


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Klaus Horngacher
Klaus Horngacher

The Horngacher Company Team
The Horngacher Company Team

The Horngacher Company Team
The Horngacher Company Team




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