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Coming by train or from Munich airport 


With S-Bahn train S1

Take the  S-Bahn train S1 from the airport to Laim (or Hauptbahnhof), in Laim (or Hauptbahnhof) take the train S6 (direction Pasing) to Starnberg.

With S-Bahn train S8

Take the S-Bahn train S8 from the airport to Pasing (possibility to change over is also at Hauptbahnhof), from Pasing (or Hauptbahnhof) take the S6 train (direction Tutzing) to Starnberg.

There are taxis available at the Starnberg railroad station.

The airport S-Bahn train S8 goes from  Munich airport via Munich-Ostbahnhof and Hauptbahnhof to Pasing.

The airport S-Bahn train S1 goes from the Munich airport via Neufahrn, Munich-Hauptbahnhof, Marienplatz, Ostbahnhof.



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